Site preparation Method



The area within the plant boundary shall be cleared off. Materials to be cleared include trees, brush, rubbish, vegetation and obstructions. However, in intended undeveloped areas, selected trees shall be retained and preserved.


a.   The entire area within the limits of clearing shall be grubbed of all stumps, roots buried logs and other objectionable material. Organic matter, to a depth of not less than 100mm below natural grade, shall be removed.

b.  All stubble and roots of trees, brush, vegetation, rice plant, etc shall be removed as the top soil stripping. Material from stripping operation shall be removed to the areas as designated by Company.

c.  Top soil containing organic matter if encountered, shall be removed to designated area.


a.  Logs from clearing operations shall be disposed at approved places, or stockpiled for natural decomposition. 



a.    Before started excavation every area to be scanning joint with team Operation   Area Company and make sure free condition, ready for excavation soils.

b.     Excavation as specified herein shall include the operations where appropriate of cutting, stripping, loading, hauling and temporary stockpiling of soil obtained from excavation below stripping depth to attain the plan lines and levels.

c.   Contractor shall keep his excavation, and fill areas free from water by   pumping, temporary ditches or other approved means.  The surface of cut and fill shall be sloped to prevent ponding

d.     Excavation shall be performed to the lines and levels shown on the drawings.

e.    Before any excavation is commenced, the Contractor shall propose the method of working, the plant and equipment to be used, for approval by Company. Such approval shall in no way limit the responsibilities of the Contractor.

f.    Excavation beyond the limits shown on the drawings shall be replaced by   Contractor with approved material thoroughly compacted, or as otherwise directed by Company.

g.    Slopes of cuttings and embankments shall be as shown on the drawings. Should the slopes of any cuttings be excavated beyond the widths shown on the drawings or as directed, the Contractor shall make good such areas in a manner satisfactory to Company.

h.    All excavated material shall be separately stockpiled for re-use or taken to tip areas. The materials to be re-used shall be directed by Company at the job-site.


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