work method of piling

work method if piling is very important to make sure we already plan our job and our project well schedulle and well budget plan

Work Preparation are coverage activites :

1.  Prepare working permit

2.  Equipment & Tools  inspection

3.  Mobilization Manpower & equipment

4.  Mobilization Piling materials, which coverage transportation, handling, receiving & storing piling material

  • The piles material deliver to the site shall pass inspection of quality control during fabrication process and they have reached their characteristic strength.
  • The method and sequence of lifting, handling, transportation and storing piles shall be such that the piles are not damaged.
  • Care shall be taken during handling & transportation of piles material in accordance with pile manufacturer’s recommendation
  • During transport and storage, piles shall be place on adequate support located under the lifting points of the piles. It’s very important to use these lifting marks because the production designs for pile usually based on the number lifting mark as well as their position on the piles.
  • Material control & inspector shall inspect material as soon as possible after arrive at site. Visual check and measurement of dimension shall be carried out in accordance with delivery order. Compressive strength report of delivered material shall be checked to make sure that piles can be used.
  • Storing and placement of the pile shall be conducted as follow :
  1. Piles are placed on lay down area located as close as possible to the piling spot.
  2. Grout area must be dry and of sufficiant bearing capacity to support by wooden material on the supporting point as suggested by manufacturer to prevent corrosion and/or deterioration of pile.
  • Placement of piles on field is limited to maximum 4 layers by considering soil structure. Wooden blocks shall be inserted between 2 layers of pile near lifting point as shown on the following sketch.



  • All piles within a stack shall be in groups of same length.


5. Provide utility facility (temporary toilet, provide Genset  &  lighting  for night shift / overtime)


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