4 Trick to Improve the Progress of the Project

  • Date of completion of work from the handling over of site to the contractor, if the company not completed the work within the period of completion he should be fined as the rate per day and as per estimate cost
  • If the contractor has demonstrated a desire to improve on production in whatever fashion that is available to him, use contract to help him accelerate his work as practically as possible. If additional resources will provide the impetus for better progress, assist in any way available to your accomondate the addition of resources. If the contractor is combative and indicates no desire to cooperate, bear down to the letter of the contract to either encourage cooperation or get a contractor who will coorperate within the contract but Sometimes the carrot and stick is better technique. put financial incentives and punishment in the contract, and then communicate, communicate, communicate and trust but verify
  • Find out the real cause for delay try to solve it. Arrange daily weekly monthly progress review meeting which includes problems and solution with the name of authorized representative who will take appropriate action to resolve the site problem.
  • The supervision then will have to be very alert and work alongside the contractor which will ensure there nothing goes a miss as otherwise you lose time in post construction test. As we well as rework and/ or massive penalties. This is even more detrimental to all concerned.


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